Better to be late than sorry

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better late than never

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Better Late Than Sorry

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Better Single Than Sorry: A No-Regrets Guide to Loving Yourself and Never Settling

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Better Safe Than Sorry

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The best students in a foundation are not the ones asking for students. Wait before taking MBA admission, better be late than sorry Friday, April 11AM The following article will not only help you to choose the best MBA colleges for yourself but it will also keep you away from any future troubles.

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I'm better sorry than safe Better never than late You better make sure I'm gone Before you make your mistake You can go away Just come back the same Girl, you can go away.

Today, Han approaches life with a different perspective towards health, taking charge of it rather than leaving it to chance.

Emboldened with the second chance bestowed upon him, Han hopes to aid others and educate them about the seriousness of heart health, spurring them to act and not wait until it is too late.

Canada 151 Better late than sorry - Huron Country Playhouse

It may be time-consuming to check the oil in your car every time you buy gasoline, but better safe than sorry. Bob: I don't need a tetanus shot just because I stepped on a nail. Mary: I still think you should get one.

Better be safe than sorry. Watch video · This is a better late than sorry VFX video for a Film's Riot Contest. I did have a lot of fun working on this little video.

Made me understand a few things, and learn as well.

Better to be late than sorry
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Better Safe Than Sorry