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Jun 01,  · Drupal 7 create tabs with hook_menu() for custom module June 1, ~ andriy2m Define a ‘root’ path which is a normal menu item, and then add another item for each of the tabs.

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Jun 20,  · Adding a Menu Item to an Existing Menu WordPress features many different functions to add submenus to the existing default menus in WordPress.

One of these functions is the add_options_page()function. Now explore how the add_options_page() function works to add a submenu item to the Settings menu.

The add_options_page() function accepts the following parameters:. After installing, enable the module and go to Structure-> TB Mega Menu instituteforzentherapy.com will see a list of menus, each menu here is an instance of existed Drupal menus.

Click on any Config link to go to TB Mega Menu main UI. In this guide, we config main-menu. We are an experienced team that has weathered the dot com booms and busts, the beginning of the Internet, and the evolution of the web over multiple industries.

Our team's mix of photographers, artists, bike enthusiasts, gamers, dancers, and avid readers brings a personal touch to every client engagement. Those functions [ menu_set_active_item(), menu_set_active_trail(), menu_get_active_trail(), menu_link_get_preferred() ] are removed on D8 and replaces with drupal 8 service.

You can use following example to get data and to edit.

Drupal menu hook submenu
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