Great crash 1929 galbraith essay

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The Great Crash 1929

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John Kenneth Galbraith

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Galbraith's book is valuable for two main reasons. First, it illuminates the causes and consequences of the crash in an entertaining style which is at the same time grounded in solid data and analysis.

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”The Great Crash of 1929” by John Kenneth Galbraith Essay Sample

Home. Free essays. Finance essays. The great crash of in economy. The Great Crash of By briefly analyzing the economic history of the early 20th century we can gain a better insight into the climate which led to such a devastating crash. A stock market crash can be thought of as a sharp and unanticipated decline.

Galbraith's The Great Crash is an easy read and gives historical context to the current financial mess in the U.S. It was first published in and never manages to get out of print because another financial bubble bursts and people like me look for explanations/5(). The Great Crash sets out the five routes by which one became the other.

Not all have direct parallels today, but some do. All these years later, Galbraith's book is still essential reading.

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Great crash 1929 galbraith essay
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