Mechanical barriers to communication

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Lasswell’s model

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Barrier Safety System Solutions

This is the Administrative Rules page for the Architectural Barriers program administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor.

There are several basic approaches to reducing sound: increasing the distance between source and receiver, using noise barriers to reflect or absorb the energy of the sound waves, using damping structures such as sound baffles, or using active antinoise sound generators.

Mechanical Barriers to Communication

A thriving global marketplace requires effective communication across cultures. Learn about the cultural barriers to communication in the workplace and take a quiz to test your knowledge.


Range of professional Vac electromechanical barriers with speed variator and three-phase induction motor for very frequent use, designed and developed to operate in the most varied conditions such as large car parks, motorway toll gates with frequent reversing, sensitive sites where the bar must open automatically in case of a power failure in industrial installations.

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Mechanical barriers to communication
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