Sacred cow

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Sacred cow (idiom)

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sacred cow

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Save a Cow

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The meaning and origin of the expression: Sacred cow

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Sacred cow

Are you taking on enough hours?. And Third Way’s Social Compact for the 21st Century is a truly omnidirectional form of cautiousness that avoids taking on any sacred cows of the left but simply cuts progressive aspirations down to micro size. — Matthew Yglesias, Vox, "Centrist Democrats are out of ideas," 30 July sacred cow Figuratively, anything that is beyond criticism: “That housing project is a real sacred cow: the city council won't hear of abandoning it.” In India, followers of Hinduism consider cows sacred and do.

Animals and Prophecy. In many prophecies, the birth of rare animals represents a rebirth for humanity, the sacred animals being harbingers of peace, as foretold by the ancients. Cow is the favourite of Lord Shiv, it is said that whatever one whispers in the ears of a bull is heard by Lord Shiv and service to cow is given the highest place in the Vedas.

cow - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. Cows are sacred to India’s Hindu majority.

Sacred cow (idiom)

For Muslims who trade cattle, that means growing trouble.

Sacred cow
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